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Liz Ann Sonders Guest Appearance - Bloomberg’s “Wall Street Week”

edited April 2 in Other Investing
Show date: 4/1/22

I know Liz has some fans here. The interview is at the beginning. At the 13 minute point they show a brief clip of her appearing on Louis Rukeyser’s old show. Nice touch.


  • Learned from both of them. Good interview. Thanks, @hank. Yes, I always tune-in when it's Sonders.
  • edited April 2
    Crash said:

    Learned from both of them. Good interview.

    I agree. Both the ladies in the first segment provided some interesting perspective on markets. Honestly, I’ll rewatch the program at least one more time before I comprehend everything covered. ISTM there were a few cautionary flags re commodities tossed out by Sarah Ketterer.

    The other program highlight is Larry Summers’ weekly commentary at the end - provided he doesn’t put you to sleep.

    PS - Opened up my favorite read, Barron’s, and there’s Kettener in a feature piece. Making the rounds I guess …:)
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