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Anybody ever tried to determine the total return for the equity side of this fund for each year going back in time?


  • Since VWINX equities are benchmarked to VHYAX/VYM, that would be a good approximation of the equity-side return.
  • Still VCIT for the bond side? I don't see a ETF for Bloomberg US Credit A or better Bond Index.
  • Yep, VYM+VCIT approximates VWINX quite well. PV runs from 12/1/09-2/28/22 (12+ years). Elsewhere, other variations/refinements has also been tried. LINK
  • +1 YBB For me, if I can replicate performance of VWINX with VG etfs, it means I probably don't need my Vanguard account any longer !
  • I kept my Vanguard account basically for VTMFX. This is harder to duplicate that VWINX ( or if you have $50,000 VWIAX.

    VTMFX has er of 0.09% and is 50% VWIUX and 50% VTCLX, although the % apparently vary a bit. Unfortunately there is no ETF version of VTCLX and the admiral shares of VWIUX are available only at Vanguard.

  • VTMFX may be easy to replicate. Its equity is R1000 with lower dividends to simulate R1000 itself and bonds are munis, so ITM or MUB should do. I am using phone to link to PV run (1/1/08 - 2/28/22), so let see if that works.

    IWB + ITM
    IWB + MUB
    LI NK
  • Thanks for the link. Looks like IWB + ITM beat the others with a little higher volatility than VTMFX.

    This is even more interesting because of the higher expense ratio in the ETF (0.24 and 0.15% vs 0.09% for VTMFX)

    Interesting after all the fuss Vanguard makes over their expenses
  • @sma3 an fyi, VTMFX is now available for purchase at Schwab. This appears to be a change from the past when it was listed as not available.


    That is good news. You are correct that even as late as last fall Schwab said not available.

    It looks like there is no purchase fee but $75 short term redemption fee. I have emailed Schwab to confirm.

    But given above info, not sure I will not just buy IWB and ITM.
  • Where are you looking? What I see is:
    Transaction Fee $74.95    Short-term Redemption Fee No
  • @msf

    I was referring to VTMFX, but it has the same info as VMINX; supposedly $74.95 fee to purchase.

    But when I put in a dummy trade, without completing it, the transaction fee is listed as $0.00.

    I could have started a chat with Schwab but got tied up on other things. I will report back if I can get an answer
  • Fido (115 funds) and Vanguard funds (116 funds) at Schwab platform - this seems new and I missed any public announcement(s) if there was any. In the Screener, after you click on Fund Company, give it some time to load the funds; otherwise, it will give 0 results. All funds appear as No-Load/Transaction Fee. May be this happened when Schwab moved to dual-fee structure - lower fees for those who pay-to-play and higher fees for those who don't.
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