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Fund Allocations (Cumulative)

Using the ICI monthly data on the assets of US mutual funds (OEFs) and ETFs, following are the cumulative fund allocations among stock, hybrid, bond and money-market funds. Hybrid funds include stocks and bonds but their ratios can vary widely. Funds-of-funds are not included to avoid double-counting. These data are not expected to change much month by month but may change notably over time. ICI data are published late in the month for the prior month. One can call these America's asset allocation.


OEFs: Stocks 54.6%, Hybrids 6.9%, Bonds 20.9%, M-Mkt 17.6%

ETFs: Stocks 82.3%, Hybrids 0.6%, Bonds 17.1%, M-Mkt N/A

OEFs & ETFs: Stocks 60.4%, Hybrids 5.6%, Bonds 20.1%, M-Mkt 13.9%



  • Looks like a 60/40 portfolio...interesting.
  • 1/31/22

    There is a noticeable decrease in stock allocations. These are gross industry statistics and even small shifts mean billions.

    OEFs: Stocks 53.6%, Hybrids 7.0%, Bonds 21.4%, M-Mkt 18.0%

    ETFs: Stocks 82.0%, Hybrids 0.6%, Bonds 17.4%, M-Mkt N/A

    OEFs & ETFs: Stocks 59.6%, Hybrids 5.7%, Bonds 20.5%, M-Mkt 14.2%

  • @yogibearbull, is the drop in stock allocation just due to stocks dropping in value more so than the other investment categories through January? Or does this suggest a managed effort to change portfolio percentages?
  • @MikeM, the monthly asset snapshot data presented included changes from price declines and asset outflows.

    But ICI also has data on monthly (and weekly) fund flows. For January, there were outflows from all broad categories of mutual funds. The picture for ETFs is different as there is some secular shift going on from mutual funds to ETFs.

    Mutual Funds (Monthly)
    ETFs (Monthly)
    Mutual Funds & ETFs (Weekly)
  • Thanks yogi.
  • edited March 30

    Tiny changes from previous month.

    OEFs: Stocks 53.3%, Hybrids 7.1%, Bonds 21.5%, M-Mkt 18.2%

    ETFs: Stocks 81.9%, Hybrids 0.6%, Bonds 17.5%, M-Mkt N/A

    OEFs & ETFs: Stocks 59.4%, Hybrids 5.7%, Bonds 20.6%, M-Mkt 14.3%

  • For OEFs & ETFs combined, changes vs 12/31 are not big. I think equity markets were down quite a bit but investors seem to be reallocating / rebalancing contemporaneously. Buy the dip is alive and well?!
  • 3/31/22

    Tiny changes from previous month. These 3 months YTD have seen lot of volatility but the fund investors have stayed put.

    OEFs: Stocks 53.99%, Hybrids 7.09%, Bonds 20.77%, M-Mkt 18.16%

    ETFs: Stocks 82.51%, Hybrids 0.54%, Bonds 16.94%, M-Mkt N/A

    OEFs & ETFs: Stocks 60.18%, Hybrids 5.67%, Bonds 19.94%, M-Mkt 14.22%

  • edited May 26

    In response to high market volatility, finally there was a noticeable shift from stock funds to bond & m-mkt funds. A tiny shift was also seen into hybrid funds. The changes from the last month are for a total OEFs & ETFs AUM of about $32 trillion, so +/- 1% change is about +/- $320 billion. Also note that these changes are from both fund inflows/outflows & price changes.

    OEFs: Stocks 52.54%, Hybrids 7.16%, Bonds 21.25%, M-Mkt 19.05%

    ETFs: Stocks 81.66%, Hybrids 0.55%, Bonds 17.79%, M-Mkt N/A

    OEFs & ETFs: Stocks 58.81%, Hybrids 5.74%, Bonds 20.50%, M-Mkt 14.95%
  • edited June 29
    Fund Allocations (Cumulative), 5/31/22

    While high market volatility continued, there were very minor changes in fund allocations, so fund investors stayed put. The changes from the last month are for a total OEFs & ETFs AUM of about $30.24 trillion, so +/- 1% change is about +/- $302.4 billion. Also note that these changes are from both fund inflows/outflows & price changes.

    OEFs: Stocks 52.65%, Hybrids 7.22%, Bonds 21.03%, M-Mkt 19.10%

    ETFs: Stocks 81.31%, Hybrids 0.55%, Bonds 18.14%, M-Mkt N/A

    OEFs & ETFs: Stocks 58.89%, Hybrids 5.76%, Bonds 20.40%, M-Mkt 14.95%
  • Fund Allocations (Cumulative), 6/30/22

    There were notable declines in the equity fund allocations. The changes in the totals are based on a total OEFs & ETFs AUM of about $30.25 trillion in the previous month, so +/- 1% change is about +/- $302.5 billion. Also note that these changes are from both fund inflows/outflows & price changes.

    OEFs: Stocks 51.00%, Hybrids 7.14%, Bonds 21.50%, M-Mkt 20.36%

    ETFs: Stocks 80.33%, Hybrids 0.54%, Bonds 19.13%, M-Mkt N/A

    OEFs & ETFs: Stocks 57.35%, Hybrids 5.71%, Bonds 20.99%, M-Mkt 15.96%
  • In the month of June, decrease in equity allocation and increase in MM allocation is notable. However, given humans are creating new wealth all the time, it is difficult for me to infer from the %ages if there were outflows vs if new wealth created was going more to MM funds.
  • edited July 29
    @BaluBalu, the MONTHLY fund ASSET data only suggest that there MIGHT be equity fund outflows but other data do indicate outflows from equity and other fund categories, and inflows into m-mkt funds. The long-term asset pattern is that after the %Equity allocation bottomed in March 2020, it peaked in March 2022 and is now the lowest since. Other data:

    1. ICI WEEKLY data on fund FLOWS indicates steady fund outflows.

    2. Barron's WEEKLY data on 4-week moving average (4-wMA) of fund flows show outflows from stock and bond funds, and inflows into m-mkt funds (currently inflows of +$7 billion/week).

    3. Anecdotal data from posters here and other forums that they have sold or reduced stock/bond exposure and have moved into Treasuries, and lately into m-mkt funds.

    4. Rates have gone up and m-mkt funds are now starting to pay some interest.
  • Weekly equity fund flows have turned positive, Lipper data via WSJ tweet.

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