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Anyone Banking on Banks This Year?

@carew388 pointed out that DODBX has a heavy weighting in banks. Any other funds over weighting the banks?

USNews lists these as Financials:


  • I bought some XLF a few days ago, but may sell it tomorrow to salvage some profit.
  • @bee. @carew388 TRAMX, high ER. But 46 or 47 percent in FOREIGN banks. The fund was down today along with everything else, but the fall was quite limited and muted compared to more mainstream fare. TRAMX is 2.82% of my total. Still in positive territory for '22.
  • edited February 11
  • EBC stock… it’s worth investigating.

    Also, better yields:
    UMPQ. -6% discount tonight.
    UNB. -16% disc.
    WBS. -8% disc.
    WTBA. fair value.
    GBCI. -6% disc.
    BANR -9% disc.
    SSB. -16% disc.
    SASR -8% disc.

    Insurance: MFC. (fair value) with 4.74% yield.
    *All stats per Morningstar.
    ...I'm always bird-dogging the banks...
  • My suggestion is not to futz around in this space because there are only two you need. First, KBWP for stability plus growth in the financial space and then BTO to buy on big dips. Works like clockwork.
  • I own WFC, BAC, and JPM.
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