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the January MFO is live

And it's not our last.

I'm not a very good judge of what's interesting or useful, but one piece does try to draw lessons from the simple fact that Morningstar's mutual funds are not very good. Another walks through the best of the two-year-old funds, with a retrospective that suggests that our taste in funds isn't awful. We highlighted 10 two-year-olds in January 2019: 40% have been liquidated despite generally decent performance but another 40% are four- or five-star funds.

Another looks at the Grandeur Peak launch, drawing on some of your comments to conclude that everybody might benefit from one GP fund but very few people need two.

Hope you find something good there.

Take care and be safe!



  • My heartfelt thank you to all your hard work. I have benefited from Grandeur Peak and Brown Advisory funds based on your detailed analysis.
  • Thanks David and Chip for the yeoman's work on MFO. Always a wonderful monthly Commentary to keep me up to date on the rookie funds and the management changes. All the best in your next endeavors.
  • Thank you Prof for the insightful commentary and for everything you've done to keep this site running.
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    Ed really nails it in “The Way Forward.” I may print that sucker out, frame it and hang it on the wall!

    Best wishes & thanks to all.
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    It is my fervent hope that at some future time Professor Snowball will author something (a separate thread or an add-on to this one) reflecting on the changes in investor behavior and attitudes he’s observed since taking the helm of MFO over a decade ago. We’ve all seen it. But no one could articulate it as clearly (or objectively) as David.
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