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Bond / Income fund with modest exposure to precious metals?

edited December 2021 in Fund Discussions
I was going to make a small spec play on HSTRX - which mixes mostly AAA rated credit with about 10% miners. I think this may work in the coming year as the s*** hits the fan (inflation / Fed moves / higher volatility). But I was met with a $49.95 transaction fee, so backed out. Who would’ve thought this guy wouldn’t be eager for buyers of his mostly failing funds? I do have quite a bit of exposure to commodities & miners. Wanted something tamer and actively managed. Anything else out there like HSTRX that would be free to buy at Fido?


  • I remember Hussman funds as being famous for not doing much - like stopped clock. Also v bearish in outlook. Other choices,

    Permanent Portfolio PRPFX.

    Global SGENX always has exposure to gold.

    Inflation-related funds have exposure to hard assets, not necessarily gold.
  • edited December 2021
    I looked at HSTRX a while back but the TF kept me away also. At the time I researched I never found anything quite like it. PRPFX might have been the closest.

    FWIW, not the same at all but I took a stake in DBC (Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund) early in the year for 2 of the 3 reasons you gave, inflation/Fed moves. It doesn't fit your 3rd wish though. Commodities can be volatile. It's done well but I think it has reasons to do well again in 2022 - fingers crossed. This ETF is a basket of commodities, 50% energy, 28% PMs + base metals (not miners). The rest in ag.
  • edited December 2021
    Thanks. I’ve long held PRPFX as a staple. It’s much more aggressively positioned in equities & metals than what I’m looking for for a bit of play money. HSTRX is a weird bird. Mixing in around 10% gold / pm miners was apparently Hussman’s way of “goosing” returns on what looks like a bond fund on the surface. It hasn’t done badly. I compared it to TMSRX. Think it’s ahead for 3 years.

    Probably somebody will open an ETF based on that concept in the future.
  • I may consider SGENX but not for the gold position. Otherwise, Matt McLennan’s fund is having a great year on his global allocation fund.
  • FSRRX holds TIPs, floating rate bonds, REITs and commodities— which presumably includes exposure to metals. It is designed to provide multisector exposure to assets that provide inflation protection. Long term it hasn’t performed that well but inflation has been low until the past year, but it has done over the past year.
  • edited December 2021
    Thank you all. I’ve called off the search after hours of looking. GLDB turned up - but very new with high fees and not actively managed. RPAR is something I’ve looked long and hard at. Also a “no-go.” (The second - RPAR - is a laugher with Lipper showing 609% invested - mostly in bonds. Leverage anyone? Interestingly, their lit tries to cash in on Dalio’s name - asserting that the fund mimics his style of investing.
  • Hi @hank
    Etf's allow us to build our own mix and perhaps find an "active managed" in the areas you seek.
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