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High Yield Funds

Narrowing my choices to

FAGIX - not certain I'm a fan of the 20% equity exposure
TUHYX - Seems to take more risk than the others on this list except...
PYHRX - Might be too risky for my comfort level but returns are great, downside protection might not be
PBHAX - My former firm and well-managed, slightly less risk and better returns? What am I missing?

OR I may go with RPIHX for a Global approach to High Yield...again, having a hard time researching US vs International exposure


  • Why not BGHIX? I've lived with this fund for years (including prior to the recent BrandwineGlobal affiliation), and its fantastic.
  • $1M threshold for entry.
  • edited October 2021
    I'm finding this fund name with the ticker LMZIX. (?) In the course of doing it, I went from Brandywine to Global to Franklin Templeton. ORK! @waxman123
  • Great fund indeed...I shares would be ideal but Fido charges 49.95 to buy and sell. I can live with that.

    Do you guys prefer lobal or US HY funds? Or do you own both and not worry about overlap on the domestic side?
  • BGHAX available ntf at Fido, $2500 minimum.
  • @carew388- Thx, got me to check at Schwab- NTF / $100 minimum
  • msf
    edited October 2021
    LMZIX is (pardon the redundancy) BrandywineGlobal Global High Yield, as opposed to BGHSX, BrandwineGlobal High Yield without the global in the fund name. Two different funds.

    Fidelity charges nothing to sell TF funds. However, as Crash noted, BGHIX has got a $1M min at Fidelity and everywhere else I've looked. If you can spring for a $1M investment, I don't think you'll blink at a $49.95 TF when buying.

    BGHAX is NTF with a low minimum at several brokerages, but not at Fidelity.
    On a test trade: "A sales charge of up to 3.50% may apply."
  • ron
    edited October 2021
    wxman123 said:

    Why not BGHIX? I've lived with this fund also HIXr years (including prior to the recent BrandwineGlobal affiliation), and its fantastic.

  • Fido must be monitoring this board because when I went to buy BGHAX there, I noticed the 3.5% load. BGHAX is ntf at Vanguard with a 1,000 minimum so I bought it there before Vanguard changes their mind too !
  • I bought BrandwineGlobal High Yield (now BGHIX) when it was still at the Diamond Hill house (Diamond Hill HY, DHHIX) and purchased the institutional class with a low minimum (not sure exactly what it was, but sub six figures) at both vanguard and Fido. Guess they upped the minimum when BrandywineGlobal took charge.
  • I am only using Western High INCOME, HIX,
  • Have favored FAGIX for many decades, jumping in and out when younger (imprudently; shoulda stayed in).
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