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  • ron October 2021
Here's a statement of the obvious: The opinions expressed here are those of the participants, not those of the Mutual Fund Observer. We cannot vouch for the accuracy or appropriateness of any of it, though we do encourage civility and good humor.

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The 90/10 Rule - Pre and Post Retirement Thinking

In preparation for retirement, most people spend 90% of their planning time on the financial issues and 10% on the non-financial issues. After retirement, the ratio reverses, and most retirees spend the vast majority of their time focusing on the non-financial issues of life
Seems like a article worth sharing. Lots of links to other topics for both young (Pre-retirees) and Old (In-retirees).



  • A similar preparation is mine at age 87 and focusing on using best way of increasing cash flow, so a bond should help with high dividends etc. Perhaps high dividend paying
    positions like NUSI
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