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One-third of Investors Trade While Drunk

Something else it may be useful to know!
'Trading apps make this easier than in the old days, when an investor might have had to call their broker from the bar'
Trade While Drunk


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    I doubt this is true and think it may be a misleading extrapolation from a limited survey set, but if it is true, it is both hilarious and sad.
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    Yes. It is assumed this headline will be taken with a grain of salt. It is perhaps an exaggeration and is at least an over generalization. But, it does point to the potential for trading apps to impact investor behavior in reckless ways, including the potential generational component of this impact. This is worth thinking about. And, the headline made be chuckle.
  • You are including myself in that stat, correct? Lol
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  • I don't but it sure looks like I do.
  • I should have tried that... could only have improved things.
  • IMHO the headline is clickbait.

    The column that is the source of these findings includes the paragraph:
    And not just impulsive, but sometimes inebriated: 32% of investors admit they’ve traded stocks while drunk. ... younger investors admit to falling into this trap much more frequently than older traders, with 59% of Gen Zers admitting to drinking and trading, versus just 9% of baby boomers.
    I lean more toward teetotaling myself, but I thought there was a distinction between taking a sip of an apéritif to whet one's appetite for a share of BRK.B and getting sloshed before sinking one's life savings into bitcoin. Drinking and getting drunk are not the same.

    I find the results (what little is presented) suspect. Generally, a question along the lines of "have you ever ..." should have more positive responses from older people than younger ones, because the older one is the more opportunity one has had to do whatever. Even trading with an app (which goes all the way back to Schwab's Equalizer on DOS). Even trading over a nice chardonnay. Yet on every question, the percentage of respondents who have ever done x declines with age.

    The MagnifyMoney column reads like a commercial for its financial adviser referral program. It's got this big bar chart showing how people who invest with advisors are less likely to feel regret, make emotional investments, lose sleep over the market. And it concludes: "Sometimes the smartest move to take control of your finances is to let an experienced professional guide you."

  • Yeah, click bait for sure.

  • Best decisions made under these circumstances
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    If “on hold” waiting for a T Rowe Price rep to pick up the phone, best to keep the alcohol out of reach.
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