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DSL for monthly income. What's not to like?

DSL. 8.05% pay-out. Share price up, but still trading at a small discount to NAV.


  • I'll draw your attention to the chart in the CEF Analyzer link. Click on the 2Yr option and look at April of 2020. If you can handle a $5 drop in market price then explore the other tabs on the website as well. Note also the drop in distributions over time. I'm not saying that it's a bad current holding but I personally would be looking for a larger discount before considering a purchase.
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    In case you haven't checked it out, CEF Connect is another site you might want to visit. One thing I like is the pricing information tab display of premium/discount trends through various time periods:

  • Thank you. These sites are exactly what I am looking for.
  • Me, Too! Thanks a lot! I used to be in Gundlach's open-ended core-plus fund. I think the ticker is DLFNX. I got out when it lost its mojo.
  • ..... And so: I just screened through what some website told me was the TOTAL universe of CEFs. (Hard to believe.) I opened the hood on a handful of income-oriented funds, mostly corporates and munis, whether tax-free or not. After looking a bit further, I see that most of them are near NAV, so not trading at a discount, or a very small discount. And the distributions are still not as juicy as my PTIAX. (Though PTIAX has lately been a bit herky-jerky.) So, in terms of bond funds, I think I'll just go NOWHERE for a while: PRSNX, RPSIX, PTIAX.
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