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  • My friends did

    Made killing short term

    We did not too busy working
  • Most IPOs fall after their initial lockup period ends and insiders can sell.
  • edited August 2021
    I have no desire to follow/use/buy Robinhood.
    It doesn't bother me that certain Robinhood investors made a short-term killing.
    Good for them!
  • They all couldn't have sold yesterday. Today it is too late.
  • Wouldn't touch it with someone else's money!

    FWIW saying I heard their pre-IPO 'roadshow' presentation to investors was a joke and omitted certain necessarly elements .... plus I understand the founders (or their parent company) aren't properly registered with FINRA as well. Sheesh.
  • edited August 2021
    They been loading space tech ASTR and BTBT
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