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The applications of blockchain technology in drug discovery and development

edited July 2021 in Other Investing
Since I'm rather tired of the constant discussions about cryptocurrency as some great advancement in humanity and a supposedly good investment, I thought it was important to provide an illustration of why blockchain technology is far more interesting than cryptocurrency and could impact many other fields:
To me the investment opportunity will be in companies using blockchain to do other things such as drug discovery. The idea of "open science" and blockchain being used as the world's greatest supercomputer to solve real problems, not to trade in an imaginary currency, is significant. It also can have numerous security applications with traditional currency. So why focus so much on bitcoin, ethereum and the rest?

Here's another interesting one about other blockchain applications and its risks in science:


  • Both articles are quite interesting although it seems that there is a lot of work and configuring to be done before we see widespread adaptation and adoption. I will be watching.
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