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Only the Rich Could Love This Economic Recovery

edited July 2021 in Other Investing
The Feds says its policies are its best way to level the playing field and promote full employment. Could it do better?
the Fed can and must quickly rewrite policy with a new goal in mind: shared prosperity, measured by how most of us do, not by how high the market flies
Only The Rich


  • This article provides some historical perspective and reviews some of the policy change recommendations currently being discussed:

    How the Federal Reserve can really help America
  • Well, ya. And even putting that aside: the Market's rise has shown less and less breadth as time goes by, day by day. So there's THAT to think about, too.
  • "...The real question though is if you can’t see the effects in the way you measure something and it is blindingly obvious there is an effect, maybe your means of measuring are deficient or flawed and it’s time to change the way you do things.

    Ditto when it comes to the Fed changing the way it addresses inequality."

    And does anyone else recall the time when Bernie confronted Greenspan about wealth inequality? And the Green Robot answered: "it's not my job to worry about that." (Paraphrase.)
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