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Mid-Year Update Brings Rolling Batting Averages and Trend Ratings

edited August 2021 in MFO Premium
All ratings have been updated on MFO Premium site, including MultiSearch, Great Owls, Fund Alarm (Three Alarm and Honor Roll), Averages, Dashboard of Profiled Funds, Dashboard of Launch Alerts, Portfolios, Quick Search, and Fund Family Scorecard. The site now includes several analysis tools, including Correlation, Rolling Averages, Trend, Ferguson Metrics, Calendar Year and Period Performance.

More on the newest MultiSearch features here.


  • Thanks so much for your work on this @Charles! Really appreciate it.

  • You're very welcome Mike!
  • edited February 3
    AVEFX, CET, DODWX, BMPEX, ICMUX, FCEF, BIVIX, QSPIX, QMNIX among funds leading their categories mid-year:

  • @Charles : would it be possible to provide a list of Great Owls that have retained that honor through years 1,3,5,10, & 20 years? I tried ,but believe funds were listed that made the list at least in 1 years. I found a list from 2013 & would like to compare
    Thanks you, Derf
  • Hi Derf. Thank you. We're about to go live with Rolling Batting Averages, which I mentioned during the last webinar. It's something inspired by Brian Reamer, a Wisconsin-based financial adviser. After thinking about your post, it seems to me we should be able to generate a history of GOs by expanding the routine that does the rolling batting averages. Will get on it and keep you posted. If too much time goes by, please pester me. Love this kind of request! Charles
  • Just posted summary of latest upgrades to MultiSearch here.
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