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Old_Skeet's Market Briefing, July 2, 2021

edited July 2021 in Other Investing
Hi guys, I copied and pasted Old_Skeet's Market Briefing for July 2, 2021 from the Armchairinvesting board with his permission. Thought some of you would enjoy the read. It read as follows:

This briefing is for the week ending July 2, 2021.

The Index Review

For the week the major market indices finished up for the week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up +1.02%. The S&P 500 Stock Index gained +1.67%, while the Nasdaq Composite climbed +1.94%. The Russell 2000 Small Cap Index gained +1.23%. The three best performing sectors for the week were technology +3.24%, consumer discretionary +2.07% and health care +1.99%. The 10-year US Treasury bond yield closed at 1.44% while the dividend yield on the S&P 500 Index was listed at 1.33%. Year-to-date the widely followed S&P 500 Index has gained +15.86%.

Articles Investment Interest

Morningstar: Q2 2021 Market Performance in 7 Charts
If the link fails, simply Google the article title and read through Google. Often times this works.

How investors should reload stock gun for second half of 2021

Global Regulators Try Again to Eliminate Money-Market Hazards

Old_Skeet's Third Quarter Investment Focus

For the third quarter my investment focus centers in the following areas of my portfolio as I look for stocks to continue an upward path while most bonds, I think, will trend lower by year end. On the equity side I plan to buy around the edges in my growth & income area and especially in funds which pay qualified dividends plus some buys in my commodity strategy fund. In my income sleeve I plan to increase my muni income fund's weighting from about a 6% to an 8% weighting over time. Should the S&P 500 Index pullback into correction territory I most likely will open a special investment position (spiff) to play the swing. Funding for these buys will come from the portfolio's income generation which has averaged about 4.4%, per year, over the past three years along with a cash draw if needed. From my perspective, cash is the best "at will" call option there is. I use the below resource links to help me determine the better times to buy on the equity side of my portfolio as I like to add to existing positions, that are under step buy construction, during market dips and pullbacks.

Short Volume S&P 500 Index ...
Breadth Reading ...
S&P 500 Chart, Elder Impulse System ...

Thanks for stopping by and reading ... and, I wish all "Good Investing."



  • +1 TYVM !
  • Thanks for posting!
  • Hi Skeeter,

    Yeah, I'm with you.....equities up; bonds flat to down right now. Looking to sell. Raising cash for the taper that's coming. It's been a good first half, so I can sell and sit in MM for a while. Funds I will buy on pullbacks are: WAMVX, CSMVX, FSLBX, PRBLX. Also might add to EUGAX, BWBFX. Again, subject to change. The indices don't show the volatility that's going on right they say, tears in a river, match on a fire, joker on Jack are tings that don't mean much. Beware of things that do.
    God bless
    the Pudd
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