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$100 oil? Analysts share their price forecasts after a strong rally in the first half of 2021|ph.telegra.Telegraph.Share

$100 oil? Analysts share their price forecasts after a strong rally in the first half of 2021
Sam Meredith

Analysts on Wall Street believe there is potential for crude markets to climb even higher in the coming months, although not everyone is convinced that's the case.
It comes as all three of the world's main forecasting agencies — OPEC, the International Energy Agency and the U.S. Energy Information Administration — expect a demand-led recovery to pick up speed in the second half of 2021.
Martijn Rats, chief oil analyst at Morgan Stanley, said crude markets were effectively searching for the price of oil that would start to destroy demand growth.

Increase buy enery maybe good idea
Added more Vde yesterday


  • edited July 2021
    John said: “Increase buy enery maybe good idea
    Added more Vde yesterday”

    Yes - Buying after something’s price has rocked up 150%+ is always a good idea. Why buy a home for $200,000 when you can wait a year and get it for $500,000? Why pay $50 for a new shirt if you can have the same shirt for $150 in a year? That new car you’re looking at for $40,000 will definitely be a better buy when the price tops $100,000.

    “Chop-logic” (as one of Shakespeare’s players put it).

    Note: The chart does not reflect today’s oil price at over $75. But it does show that oil ended 2020:at around $50 after briefly falling below 0 that spring.

  • Trimmed FANG holding a little yesterday when it briefly topped $100/share. It's had a great run since last fall when it was purchased. And, the near term potential for its Permian Basin acreage still looks promising. But it's share price is approaching historic peaks.

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