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M* App

Morningstar has taken its mediocre app and made it into a bad app. Par for the course. I use the M* app mainly for checking the markets during the day and comparing daily returns for various portfolios and watch lists. It was fine for those purposes until its latest update— which requires me to log in EVERY single time I open it. Their genius designers didn’t think to add a “keep me logged in” option.

The regular M* website isn’t much better. Although it has a “keep me logged in” button, it often requires me to log in anyway. This isn’t cutting edge app and web design. Why can’t M* accomplish this one simple task?


  • I believe they use they use the same software design engineering team as Windows 10.
  • It is bizarre. On the ipad this app is never full screen.

    There is also a M* app for the Ipad, which takes you to the full web page, but in horizonal mode only!
  • I was reading the reviews of the M* app on the Apple store, and apparently everyone is having the same problem. And apparently M* doesn’t read its reviews or simply doesn’t care. Seems like a functional app is pretty important these days for companies. Why even have an app if you can’t make it work?
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