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Broadway Re-Opening - Sorta

edited June 2021 in Off-Topic
“The theatre has established COVID-19 safety measures (full details) including, but not limited to, wearing masks. By clicking “I Agree” below, you understand that everyone who enters the theatre will need to comply with these measures. - Agree and Continue”

Shows open in September. But who in hell is gonna spend several thousand dollas on a flight, a room, a few plays in NYC if they’re required to wear face masks while traveling and attending plays?
#*!! ##!**

Have you heard? There’s a vaccine now. It’s 99% effective. Let’s get on with the world. (Plus - it sounds like there’s a better chance of getting shot or mugged waiting for the subway in NYC today than of catching Covid)


  • Have not travel to the east coast over a year now for the same reason you stated above. Recently we drove to San Francisco on Hwy 1 - very scenic and SF is very well behaved. Think we will wait till next year when the vaccination and the COVID variant situation is further along.

    We have friends who want to go on cruises and COVID-19 test is required 5 days prior to departure. Do you have confident that test result is sufficient to ensure all participants are fully vaccinated? Even with the most sensitive PCR testing, there is a small percentage of false positive result. Be safe.
  • edited June 2021
    “Do you have confident that test result is sufficient to ensure all participants are fully vaccinated? “

    You don’t need that assurance if you are fully vaccinated. Let the others who have made the poor choice not to become vaccinated worry about themselves.

    There will always be a small amount of risk in living. Should we mandate 100% body cover for anyone who steps outside in the daytime to protect against sun induced skin cancer? Perhaps body armor in some urban areas to protect against stray bullets? Having rear-facing seats on airliners has been suggested to increase chances of surviving a crash. Sound pleasurable?

    OMG -You can’t protect against every conceivable risk. A broadway show’s greatest pleasure is the intimate relationship that develops between performers and audience as well as among members of the audience. Subdue our laughter and howls of approval with a mask? Blind us (and the cast) to the smiles, chuckles, frowns and grimaces of others nearby? No thanks. That’s not live theater I’ve come to love.

    However, to elevate this from sublime to ridiculous ….

    If you think the airlines are having trouble enforcing the unnecessary federal mask mandate (they are), wait until a theater tries to enforce it during a live performance, lights down, late in an evening after a goodly proportion of the audience has consumed alcohol at their bar during intermission.
  • Ya, I won't fly as long as masks are required. Inter-island restrictions are lifted. No quarantine, as long as you were vaccinated in Hawaii, because Big Brother here can track that. But you still must wear a mask. And at the movie theater? Masks still required. Doctors' offices, hospitals, indoor businesses... Masks required. I'm tired of that shit. So, those places won't get my money. If I need the doctor or hospital, I'll have to comply, that's all.

    Anti-vaxers are blithering imbeciles. Brain transplants should be legally required for them all.
  • We just took a plane trip to Florida last week and didn't wear a mask on the plane. No one said anything. I'm not sure how they can enforce it anyway. I wore it for a little while in the airport, realized how awful this thing feels on my face after weeks without, and ditched it.

    As for Broadway, I'm close to NY, but have zero interest going there now. It's getting back to the 70s NY over there. I agree with Hank you probably have a better chance getting mugged than catching covid.
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