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That’s a lot of bull ...

edited April 2021 in Off-Topic
Photographer - Carlo Allegri of Reuters / Appeared in WSJ - April 13


  • I have a photo with it but I wonder how they managed to get the crowd away. There is no way you can normally take a photo without someone else in it. Actually more than just a few.
  • edited June 2021
    That is a lot of bull for sure!
    I use a cropped 'Charging Bull' image as my picture on another investing forum.
  • edited June 2021

    If you value art, the photo is extremely well composed. All the elements of photography (like placement, balance, color, scale, contrast, lighting) combine for a striking image.

    I use a cropped 'Charging Bull' image as my picture on another investing forum.

    I have a scale model of the charging bull prominently displayed at home in a corner devoted to NYC photos and memorabilia - most from visits to The Big Apple. :)

  • @hank,

    The 'Charging Bull' sculpture produced by Arturo Di ModicaI is amazing.
    There is a reason this is an iconic work of art!
    I agree that the above photo is striking and very well-composed.
  • edited June 2021
    Thanks for the background on the charging bull. I sort of realized it was a classic sculpture, but hadn’t really paid much attention. Deserves the accolades for sure.

    My favorite in NYC is the monument to author Lewis Carroll in Central Park. Worth a trip to the city just to see it IMHO (and a lovely framed photo hangs in my home). While more artistically impressive without the kids, I linked this shot because it provides an idea of the monument’s size.


    Story details the monument’s donor and history
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