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Poll - EV survivor

Which company or companies you think will survive EV (Electrical Vehicle) race - all will not.


  • edited May 2021
    Sorry - I can’t make a prediction like that. Thought you might find this article of interest.

    From the WSJ: May 26, 2021

    “Ford Motor Co. shares rose to their highest level in nearly five years after the auto maker outlined a tech-centric strategy to electrify much of its vehicle lineup

    “Ford said it plans to boost spending on electric-vehicle development to $30 billion by 2025, roughly one-third more than it forecast earlier this year. The increase in spending—a total that includes some money spent in the past few years—is driven by Ford’s plans to eventually begin manufacturing its own batteries, including at two future U.S. battery-cell factories …

    “Ford executives told investors during a virtual presentation that they expect 40% of the company’s global sales to be fully electric by 2030 … Shares rose 8.7% to $13.92 in trading Wednesday, their highest level since at least mid-2016.”
  • I think we are at the tail end of early adoption phase. I think all major manufacturers will be getting into this thread as supporting side industries emerge. I own a VW Passat and this year VW stopped selling Passat in the US in favor of their new EV. They still keep Jetta as their high volume gas/diesel vehicle but transformation is happening. It will probably take another 10-15 years before EV become dominant type on the highways. It will need a lot more infrastructural changes (charging stations) all over US.
  • @Investor, welcome back. I agree that it will take sometime to build the infrastructure to support EVs. Charging stations are more doable than those for fuel cell-powered vehicles.
  • How about inventing portable charging station, (generator) to take on longer trips. Sometimes one needs to use gas. Hy-bred (NOT)
  • Not sure worth it mentioning

    Been adding SOXL Lithium SLV LITHIUM QQQ Tesla
    Dca past few months
    DID add ford bond last wk
    Kind Regards
  • Sven said:

    @Investor, welcome back.

    Thanks. Nice to see that you are still around.
  • Yes, MFO board is quite active today. We managed to survived the big drawdown last year and gained a bit. Learned from 2008's crisis and held still (sold nothing and added to few funds) while the market fully recovered in August/September. Got vaccinated when they became available. So we are safe to regain our normal lives. Hope all is good on your end.
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