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MFO May be Going Away


  • Sorry I'm late to these posts. I have read the link and don't see where it's mentioned that MFO may go away. What am I missing?
  • edited May 2021
    Folks, please read David's Commentary in May 1 newsletter.
    More of what David wrote:
    Starting this month, we’ll be reaching out to our friends and associates in the industry to see if we can craft a new arrangement and a new leadership team. With luck, we can and, with still more luck, they’ll invite me to keep contributing. In any case, we will know by September what the future might hold for an odd site whose “mission is to provide readers with calm, intelligent arguments and to provide independent fund companies with an opportunity to receive thoughtful attention even though they might not yet have drawn billions in assets.”

    It will be a grand adventure, and we’ll keep you informed!
    So let's wait for more information before pronouncing death of MFO (though Mark Twain, did, in the end, go off to his greater reward).
  • edited May 2021
    @InformalEconomist- Thanks, I was just about to post essentially the same info in response.

    To all: Please address any further questions or comments to InformalEconomist's original posting, so that we don't wind up with two separate threads on the same subject.
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