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The four-decade decline in global corporate tax rates

edited April 2021 in Other Investing
This could be another case where an inflection point has been reached and the ocean liner is ready to change course. It feels to me like the odds of this happening are higher now than they have been in several decades.....
Governments worldwide are desperate to raise extra revenue to rebuild their pandemic-ravaged economies and corporate taxation is becoming an obvious target after decades of decline.

A somewhat longer view......United States Federal Corporate Tax Rate1909-2021:


Link: The four-decade decline in global corporate tax rates


  • It's been a very long time since the tax code was truly progressive. For corporations AND individuals. Big loopholes exist, still. And the cap on SS? Don't even get me started on that. The SS Trust Fund needs to be made inviolate, so that what's in there can't be used to prop-up some unconnected agenda. NOTHING should be connected or plugged into the SSTF.
  • The SSTF is "sort of" real. It's real on paper. But, it isn't real in the sense that Canada's trust fund is real, i.e. mostly invested in equities and real estate. In the not too distant future, federal spending adjustments and additional taxes may well be needed to keep it "real". Keeping the COLA adjustments below changes in the actual cost of living may also wind up being part of the solution.....

    Is the SSTF Real?

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