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Funds Not Performing Well for Me YTD: MSEGX MACGX ARTYX FSEAX

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with my MS funds... especially MSSMX and MGGPX and I sort of chased past performance by adding two more MS funds...
MSEGX up 5.51 but FDGRX is up 10.40
MACGX up 2.51 but I’m down 18% due to when I purchased this year!
ARTYX up 4.58 but I’m down 3.35% due to when I purchased
FSEAX up 4.17 but I’m down 7.50% due to when I purchased

I’m wondering if I should cut my losses with the 2 MS funds. None of the funds above are even beating the S&P 500. The two EM funds are ones that I’ve been least convicted about. I was convinced of the EM story of 2021 - which has not proved fruitful yet. Perhaps it won’t live up to the story that small caps have been thus far or maybe EM will rebound.


  • Just glanced at your FSEAX. See the 10 and 15-year performance? No guarantees of course. But this fund has been a long-term winner. Maybe you got in at the wrong time. Well, the "wrong" time IF what you are is a TRADER, not an INVESTOR, and you were hoping for SHORT-TERM winnings. "Winnings" is a gambling term. ;)
    Do your homework.
    Come up with a plan.
    Pull the trigger and buy your selected funds.
    Keep tabs, but don't obsess.
    Watch it grow.
    Markets riding high, like right now? Commit yourself to dollar-cost- averaging your way into a bigger sized pie.

    Unless the bottom falls out, methinks you'll be pleased with where you're sitting at year's end. Remember '08-'09? My portfolio was down by about 40%. I kept buying.

  • Good advice @Crash ... thanks for the comment. Definitely not a trader but it’s good to be reminded. DCA is something I’m committed to as well.
  • I believe that all the funds listed above have strong/aggressive growth orientation. Growth was beating value for many years. If the trend changes (because of reopening), value may beat growth for many years. If you have money in growth AND value, then as an investor you may just wait. If you have money only in growth, I would add value (or replace some part of growth by value) and wait. I do not pretend that this is a wise advice, just the standard diversification/rebalancing argument.
  • If you look at the indeces, rotation from growth to value started in fall 2020 as the Fed came to the rescue in March. As the economy recovered, the stock market broadened to include the smaller cap stocks. For diversification purpose, it would be good to hold both growth and value funds. The key is to be patient as @Crash suggested.
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