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  • This is comical. People who don't want to get vaccinated are not going to be incentivized by a free glazed donut...
  • I think that you either don't understand or that you overestimate the target audience.
  • Oh I think it's quite the incentive for the intended audience. No #hyperbole
  • edited March 2021
    If you eat enough donuts BEFORE you are vaccinated, you would have a good chance of becoming obese. Once you are obese, you would be in high/higher risk category, and be eligible to get a shot sooner, than if you weren't obsese.

    If Krispy Kreme wants to be REALLY helpful to the great unvaxed, they would offer free donuts (all-you-can-eat?) to people who had NOT been vaccinated.
  • Or a beer would probably work well for the intended audience.
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