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Kinetics Paradigm WWNPX

Anyone know what is driving the recent performance of WWNPX? It's up almost 6% today, and 63.56% YTD.
I know they had some bitcoin, and maybe some TSLA at one point, but the published holdings cannot account for a 6% gain today. I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I still own it, because with a management fee of over 1.6%, it really can't be called a good choice. I bought it years and years ago before I knew anything about picking mutual funds. For now I guess I'll be embarrassed "all the way to the bank".


  • Part of the performance may be due to its holding in TPL,Texas Pacific Land Corp., up 9.66% today, another all-time high. It's also doubled since February. At EOY it had a 38% position in it, and Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction had a 43% sector position. So you may want to confirm this data. I don't follow the fund but looked into it briefly.
  • Thanks, Dennis. I see Texas Pacific Land Trust on the company site, at a whopping 37.8% of assets. So that must be it. For some reason, that holding is missing from the holdings listed by Morningstar.
  • It is in "OTHER" holdings of M*
  • edited March 2021
    Horizon Kinetics is the largest institutional shareholder:
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