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Is this fund available thru your brokerage? So far I know Schwab = yes, TDA = No, Fido = No. Any others please?


  • Firstrade = no
  • Vanguard ==no
  • Thanks for letting us know PMEFX is now available at Schwab. I’ve been keeping an eye on this fund since I saw the former BERIX team was running it - was happy with its performance and also liked its exposure to small caps.
  • thanks guys for helping search.
  • Sorry @Shadow but Firstrade=Yes!!! The available funds listed are much greater if searching as a customer vs just searching without logging in. Why this is so I do not know. Initial is $3000.
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    I suggest you you log in and go into the trade screen and punch in the fund family to see if you can purchase the fund. It does not come up as being available to be purchased.
  • @Shadow. Sorry again but you are wrong! If you log in to your account as I did, go to research, click on mutual funds,then put in the ticker the fund comes up as available with 3K initial and 100 subsequent. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the list ,which you posted is incomplete and the only way to get correct availability is how I noted above.
  • You are correct; however, it falls under Advisors Inner Circle Funds, not under the name Penn Mutual AM Funds when doing a search.
  • @shadow. I do not put the fund family in. When the trade page for funds comes up just put the ticker in and say, 1000.00. The fund will come up as open with the minimum. I went through all the motions until the confirm page came up and then cancelled the trade. I really found this out by accident when I first opened the account and why in an earlier post a month or so ago said the site was quirky. If this is not available to you perhaps it is based on size of account but that would be weird. See what you get. Thanks
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    If you do a search on the list of MFs available through Firstrade, using Advisors Inner Circle, the fund does not come up under Advisors Inner Circle family. It only comes up when you try to buy/purchase the fund which is peculiar.

    This may be similar in that some firms allowed you to buy "I" shares when you were not supposed to be able to do that for less than minimum amount or some other condition even though the system allowed it.

    I have had busted trades when the broker's system allowed me to buy something, only to receive a phone call from the brokerage indicating the trade would not go through as I did not meet some condition or the purchase was flagged by the M/F investment company.

    I have shares of FEMDX which I had purchased. When I made a subsequent purchase of FEMDX in the same account, I received a phone call from the brokerage that my second purchase would not go through despite already having a position in FEMDX.

  • Yes as I said, quirky! But by accidentally finding this method, I am able to purchase funds that do not otherwise show up on the site. It has saved me fees as a result.
  • @shadow. So far, I have not had any busted trades purchasing at Firstrade by the method I noted, though I am aware it could happen.
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