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I’m super happy for 43 year old Tom Brady

edited January 2021 in Off-Topic
Big fan of Tom Brady. Also a fan of Rogers so it was a great game to watch this past weekend.

Super Bowl of the Ages coming up. Who are you rooting for? The rookie or the veteran?

Decided to change this post to something more compelling vs. comparing 2 mediocre bond funds in a 401k.

Feel free to delete this post or move to general discussion. I couldn’t figure out how to delete a post.


  • Ah, you had my interest in helping out up until the PSS.

    Good luck though with this.
  • hahahahah .... awesome @stillers
  • The Pack Will Be Back. Brady? Barf.
  • A number of years back the Cubs had a curse on them . It revolved about a dead goat left on their door step. After winning the World Series , I would think that the curse had been removed.
    Where did this curse travel to, Green Bay & the Packers ! It seems to me that a bone headed play or two has cost them a trip or two to the Super Bowl since their last trip. In no way did this happen last year against S.F. as they plain & simple got their ass kicked !

    Stay safe, Derf
  • This should be in the Off Topic section.
  • edited January 2021
    Yes I would delete the post if I could. But I still appreciate @stillers contributions despite his lack of appreciation for TB. Oh and @crash I’m a fan of the Packers but have a personal connection with TB
  • @derf - Theo Epstein... broke the curse. Big fan.
  • Yes I would delete the post if I could.

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