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James Kieffer no longer associated with Artisan Mid Cap Value and Value Funds

edited January 2021 in Fund Discussions


4. All other references to James C. Kieffer and any related information in the prospectus and SAI will be hereby removed.


  • edited January 2021
    Value investing has been out of favor in recent years and Artisan funds are no acception as their domestic and overseas value funds lag their growth counterparts. Kieffer has been managing for quite awhile. Is the AUM dropping quickly? Trying to get more info on his departure along with the other manager from Global Value fund.
  • They'll probably be forming their own shop.
  • Good for them if that is the case. They were quite good when they started at Artisan.
  • They'll probably be forming their own shop.

    Perhaps ultimately, but "Jim Kieffer ... will remain part of the investment team for the time being, working as an analyst, advisor, and mentor."
    (M* Analyst Note for ARTQX.)

    This contrasts with the simultaneous announcement at ARTGX that Justin Bandy is leaving immediately. Perhaps the difference is that Kieffer is a lead manager while Bandy had recently been added to ARTGX and this was his first managing assignment.

    The new M* quote page for funds presents the inflows and outflows graphically. ARTQX had major outflows in 2013-2015 but since then flows have been pretty quiescent, especially in 2020. ARTLX shows a similar pattern, though its major outflows were in 2015-2016.

    It is reasonable to suggest that ARTGX has not fared well against its world fund peers because that category includes blend and growth as well as value funds. But ARTQX has been lagging its domestic value peers (2* over the past three years). ARTLX has been running hot and cold (four bottom decile years and three top decile years over the past decade).
  • There is a story about his stepping back in CityWire, but it is behind a paywall.
  • What looks to be the same piece is on My security software is blocking access. Rather than override, one can look at the Google cache.

    Here's a Google search to get you there. Be advised that the same security software blocks some of the content on the cached page. But the text is readable.

    After all that work, it doesn't add any info:
    ‘After 23 years at Artisan and greater than three a long time within the funding enterprise, Jim Kieffer is stepping again from day-to-day portfolio administration,’ stated a spokeswoman for Artisan. ‘Jim will stay a managing director and an energetic member of the crew.’
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