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Morningstar portfolio manager: All zeroes, all day (???!!!)

21st December. Hee hee: were they victimized in the massive Russian HACK? Not much else to say, and maybe someone else has found out an explanation?


  • Sure -- M* screws up a lot. To be fair, there's a whole lot of data that gets dumped on them each day but that's true for brokerage firms, the Bloombergs and other financial websites of the world, as well as many others. M* seems particularly susceptible to glitches, and they're going through a patch of them at the moment.
  • @Crash : If you lived closer to the main land, the info would arrive sooner ! LOL
    Happy Holidays to you & family, Derf
  • Seems to be working fine here at the moment, FWIW.
  • Thanks, everyone. I went to sleep, and this morning, it seems to be fine. @Derf, thanks for the kind wishes. Same to you! Beach weather tomorrow. I'm going!
  • edited December 2020
    I noticed this yesterday as well.
    It was just another example of Morningstar's many technology glitches.
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