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  • Would any fellow MFO fund investor have any recommendations
    for the following.......

    a) commodity fund
    b) relatively evenly balanced commodity exposure (not energy heavy)
    c) actively managed
    d) can be purchased through Schwab or Fidelity

    I plan to use to provide approx 5-7% alternative asset exposure
    for our mutual fund portfolio. We have a 2-10 year time horizon.

    Thank you for any suggestions

  • Looks a lot like a more domestically-oriented version of WAGTX (which has a 30 - 40% foreign stock mandate).
  • Maybe no ticker for it yet, still in registration?
  • Have been in and out of Wasatch funds for years, and entered WAGTX this past summer based on its performance and Wasatch lineage. Has not disappointed. As I have also been pleased with positions in WAMCX and WMICX, will monitor the Seven Canyons product initially to observe level of duplication of securities already in WAGTX (if I maintain).
  • WAGTX has only 2.6% of US stocks. Thus a desire to have its US version is understandable.
  • edited January 2021
    Looking at WAGTX, its a Foreign/Small Mid with a high expense ratio of 1.98 gross and a 2% redemption fee. If I'm looking for a foreign fund (without caring if its small/mid), BGAFX and MGGPX are stand outs to me. Longer track records and lower fees and lower turnover. WAGTX has a 176% turnover. They also have better returns over 1-3-5-10 than WAGTX. So, what am I missing? Why is there so much interest in WAGTX?

    Another one I follow is PRGSX which has a long track record.
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