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Facebook must be broken up, the US government says in a groundbreaking lawsuit


  • edited December 2020
    “We also started seven new positions in the equity portfolio. These can be divided into two principal groups: 1) high-quality businesses with valuations we had previously deemed to be too high, and 2) COVID-cyclical companies with stock prices that have declined sharply due to the pandemic. In the first category, we established positions in Facebook and Medtronic.”

    From: Dodge & Cox Balanced Fund Semi-Annual Report - June 30, 2020

    Just hope we don’t take a beating on this one.:(
  • May end up like the Bell corporation before it gets broken up into several distinct business.
  • They are serving need of the people to socialize and NOT the will of the politicians. They will become more powerful standalone. They are not tied to physical links like phone company. This is my take on this. Politicians like DT will exploit 3 channels instead of one via disinformation.
  • edited December 2020
    While Dodge and Cox was buying Facebook early in 2020 (see my above post), it appears David Giroux over at TRP was selling it.

    From PRWCX’s June 30 Semi Annual Report: “In addition, we have systematically reduced our exposure to COVID-19 winners such as Amazon (now a top 5 underweight), life science tool companies, Visa, and Facebook.”

    Hmmm ... :(
  • His timing is impeccable on a number of holdings. He managed to deploy half of the 20% cash in March. GE appeared to be a solid pick. Facebook is no longer in the top 10 positions in the latest report.
  • edited December 2020
    As someone paying management fees to own both funds, I’m the “chump” on this one. No wonder actively managed funds can’t beat the S&P.

    @Sven - Agree. Giroux appears to be in a league of his own.
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