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A Housing Boom During A Pandemic

edited November 2020 in Other Investing
I'm thinking urban dwellers have moved to the suburbs:




  • Why Housing Could be the Best Asset Class for the Next Decade:
    There is a real possibility real estate could be one of the dominant assets of the 2020s. Here are some reasons why:

    Millennials. Young people are settling down later in life because they are going to school for longer, had to deal with a housing bust, and graduated in and around the Great Financial Crisis. But millennials were going to begin doing adult things eventually.

    That means buying houses, even if it comes later in life than it did for their parents. Millennials are now the biggest demographic in the country and will dominate the most common ages in the country for years to come:
  • RE(real estate) is crazy right now but just like any other ones will get back to earth in 1 (maybe 2 years). Rates may go higher, RE prices already moved a lot, many people have saved more during 2020, the pandemic will be over and most things will get more normal. It will definitely not last 10 years.
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