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An ETF with a Fulcrum Fee

The ER fee for CWS increases when it out performs (the S&P 500) and decreases when it under performs.

Here the Website for the ETF (with accompanying video):||video_tabs|0

Here's CWS's Daily Blog:


  • edited November 2020
    SPY beat CWS for 1 and 3 years + since inception with lower SD.
    ER needs to fluctuate between 0.3 to 0.5 and not 0.65% to 0.85%...and maybe they will have a chance.

    I have a better idea if I make the rules:-)
    Every fund must follow an index and it must stay within it. It can't say I follow a bond index and invest in stocks. We can work on the specific rules later but I like the idea.

    At the end of each year is must beat the index to keep its ER. If the performance is lower, ER goes to 0.3% max for the year (=12 months). It must beat the index the next year in order to have a higher ER than 0.3% for the next year.

    This above will eliminate so many funds :-)
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