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2020 Challenge - participants

Well here we are at the end of another dreadful month. Had too many of these kinds of months this year. October didn't start to bad but finishing horribly for me.
I'm trying something different for the finish of the year. I plan to post results on M* as usual and also Armchairinvesting and Mutual Fund observer. While we all know the downside of M* discussion forum (such as unable to edit post or easily get to the last page of a thread/topic) we don't know the downside of the other forums. Armchairinvesting doesn't automatically give one notifications of post to a thread/topic or allow ability of to selectively remove oneself from notifications for a thread/topic. I have created an ID for Mutual Fund Observer but have not attempted a post there yet.
So get your results in at the end of today's close. Feel free to post on one or all three. If nothing else its giving me something to do. I am so bored with our self isolation. When will it ever end?


  • 10/30/20
    Fund Price Shrs Total
    FBSOX $80.35 1490.922 $119,795.56
    FSCSX $23.68 6911.407 $163,662.12
    FSMEX $70.07 894.361 $62,667.84
    FSRPX $20.51 2626.641 $53,872.40
    FSPTX $25.95 7730.426 $200,604.55
    FSPHX $31.05 1788.444 $55,531.20
    FOCPX $15.08 9010.463 $135,877.78

    FNCMX $137.78 1664.039 $229,271.33

    FBGRX $139.35 1368.101 $190,644.87
    cash 0 0 $0.00
    Total ----- ----- $1,211,927.65
    YTD 21.19%
    MTD -3.37%

    Copying my spreadsheet as with M* and ACI this took about 4% of editing as on M* where ACI took about 5% of M* time.
  • Alright, here's mine. Oct. 30th, 2020:

    Taxable: PTIAX -.02 cents, or -0.09% ........... YTD: +3.34%

    Bruce BRUFX: -$3.39 or -0.57% YTD -0.11%
    PRWCX -.02 cents or -0.06% +6.57%
    PRSNX -.01 cent or -0.09% +4.51%
    PRIDX -$1.02 or -1.26% +16.54
    PRDSX -.45 cents or -1.09% +2.87%
    RPSIX -.02 cents or -0.16% +0.11%

    Way too much work to do weekly or monthly performance. The lot of them are down quite a bit, just since last week or so. Covid raging, earnings, other junk?

  • @benchrest: Welcome aboard ! Looks like you & FD1k will battle it out for the title.
    Stay Safe, Derf
  • I need to further clarify - on M* discussion forum we have had a challenge for a number of years of which I have tallied the results for the past two years. Due to some problems with M* I am exploring a couple of other forums to see if the group would prefer switching. I started this topic here without posting the rules that are on M*. Basically participants are given $1,000,000 at the start of the year and participants post there buys and sells in a timely manner. At the end of each month each participant post there total at the end of the last trading day of the month and I post results after hearing from every one. Participants can join at the start of any month by introducing there self and giving there purchases. I choose to post my results on all three forums to see the ease etc. of doing so. Others may post only on M* but I will post the results on all three. We are getting close to the end but would welcome Crash joining us for the mad rush to the end. Just post your beginning portfolio for the month of November. Some members are retired with conservative portfolios and others more aggressive. Others are in the accumulating phase. Portfolio does not have to match a real portfolio but perhaps test ideas. Not truly a contest since we have different goals with our test portfolios. Also I have some indexes in the results to measure against.
  • 31 October 2020
    Portfolio summary

    20,000 shares of FUAMX. $237,800.
    2,000. IGOV. $105,940.
    10,000. SGOL. $180,500.
    7,000 SGGDX $183,960.
    1,500. FSUTX. $131,985.
    10,000. FLOWX. $120,700.
    Cash. FDLXX $ 91,576.75
    Total. $1,052,461.75

  • edited October 2020
    As of 10/31/2020, my Challenge "Retirement Portfolio" has total value of $1,073,493, for a YTD total return of 7.35%:

    PIMIX----- $212,055-----19.7%

    Total----- $1,073,493-----100.0%

  • Greetings to all,

    I'll run with this portfolio, pre-retiree, conservative, I hope that is is ok that I post after mkt opens on 1st trading day of the month...

    VLSIX, KAR Long/Short, $150,000, 15%
    TGUNX, TCW New America, $25,000, 2.5%
    ARTTX, Artisan Focus, $25,000, 2.5%
    ROSOX, Rondure Overseas, $50,000, 5%

    IQDAX, Q Infinity, $350,000, 35%
    TMSRX, T Rowe Price Multi Strat Tot Return, $50,000, 5%
    ARBIX, Absolute Convert Arbitrage, $50,000, 5%

    FPFIX, FPA Flex Fixed Income, $100,000, 10%
    BIL, T Bill, 1-3 months, $200,000, 20%

    Good Luck and Good Health to all,

  • edited November 2020
    Here are the results for October

    Cannot seem to add an image from my computer. Drop and drag only puts the address of the image.
    Seems to only take image from a a site such as drop box. Both M* and Armchair Investing allow the image from my computer. While I work on this you can see the results on those two sites.

    Good luck in the final two months!
  • Another month gone. Get your results posted at the close of todays markets.
  • As of 11/30/2020, my "Retirement Portfolio" has total value of $1,113,533, and a YTD total return of 11.35%:

    ARBIX----- $215,747----- 19.4%
    FGDFX------ 122,431----- 11.0
    PIMIX------- 217,673----- 19.5
    TSIIX------- 222,628----- 20.0
    VLAIX------ 335,054------ 30.1

    TOTAL-- $1,113,533---- 100.0%

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