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I am selling TBGVX in a Taxable account to harvest the losses for year end - Looking for strategy advice to re-deploy the cash. TBGVX hedged, and recent articles suggest I might do better hedged- or perhaps both Some hedged/some not ?

Also interested in utilities for a 401k account - willing to limit the upside for a safer downside .
Many thanks !


  • msf
    edited October 2020
    Some attributes that you've mentioned or implied:
    hedged international
    value leaning, mid-to-large cap (TBGVX was midcap until drifting into large cap)

    GLFOX would seem to check these boxes. A value leaning, 3/4 foreign, hedged fund, sitting between midcap and large cap, 50% utility (with much of the rest in industrials, like railroads and airports). It's slightly less volatile than TBGVX.

  • Thank you @msf ! As I mentioned "recent articles suggest I might do better hedged- or perhaps both Some hedged/some not ?" do you have an opinion . Over long term does it make a difference ? I will add GFLOX to my screen on the multisearch
  • Over the long term, I don't think hedging makes a big difference. But since it adds a cost (albeit a small one), I tend to avoid it. On the other hand, it should make holdings less volatile. Values can fluctuate because of share price changes and because of currency rate changes. Hedging takes part of that out of the picture.

    To say that now is a good time to hedge is to say that the dollar looks cheap and will increase in value. Certainly the dollar is down (about 3%) this year. But to say that it will now reverse direction is to time the market.

    My suggestion is to tune out the many predictions that are based on which candidate will win, whether his party is good or bad for the economy and trade, whether this particular candidate is an exception to the party rule, and so on. They're heavily laden with biases.

    Rather, decide for yourself whether you like the idea of hedging or not (see first paragraph). Forget about the timing, forget about the politics, invest in a way that makes sense for you. I believe that overall this is more about making a decision that you'll feel comfortable with than making a decision that will have a long term impact on your investment performance.
  • edited October 2020
    Possible suggestions, via PortfolioVisualizer, and my guesses
  • Thanks For your replies @msf and @Vegomatic. I am not at all familiar with portfolio Visualizer... I will dig in and try to learn. I am primarily looking at international multi cap - relying on the managers to choose the best spot moving forward on map size. VDIGX and VIG,SCHD are both of interest, I am screening them also - but not as replacement for international allocation . According to MFO Premium screen HEFA & Prcnx are good candidates - both lower MAXDD ( primary importance) .TBGVX was great for a long time - (still lower volatility and standard deviation - but zip on the upside and the recovery ) but of late has even underperformed other hedged funds, so it cant be just due to the hedging. I am looking at some large cap gains in my taxable account - so I sold it to harvest the loss - I can of course get back in after 31 days - all advice welcome - many thanks
  • @vegomatic - I am looking at the portfolio visualizer - I see now that you meant a combination of funds. This might be overhead at the moment
  • edited October 2020
    re: newgirl, re Portfolio Visualizer + TBGVX.

    I've always thought of the Tweedy Browne Fund as just what is says - Global, and for that reason I included both possible domestic and international funds into the PV tool.

    But if you want to think of it as "only international", then link below may give you starting point / suggestions / ideas / etc.

    Can also add ETF:DWM to the list.

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