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3 Highly Rated Large-Growth Managers Who Are Wary About the Big 5

History casts doubts on the reign of the five biggest companies.

Not one of the 31 funds whose oldest share class has a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold or Silver had a combined Big Five stake equal to the Russell 1000 Growth Index’s, as of its most recent portfolio.

Three managers stand out for shying away from the Big Five. Akre Focus’ (AKRIX)...PRIMECAP Odyssey Growth’s (POGRX)...Morgan Stanley Institutional Growth (MSEQX)

Those who’d like to reduce their exposure don’t need to turn to value strategies or overseas stocks but can instead consider one of the three large-growth funds above.


  • I'm not real happy about PRBLX holding a 5.9% stake in Amazon.
  • what really concerns me re AKREX Akre Focus fund is the number of holdings that sell for way over 10x price to sales...have been reducing holdings in this fund...regardless if they hold any of the FANG stocks...

  • WABAC said:

    I'm not real happy about PRBLX holding a 5.9% stake in Amazon.

    If you're not happy about what a fund is holding, then don't invest with the fund..... The whole purpose of investing in a fund is because you have confidence in that manager's ability.
  • 5.9% is not unusual as a top 10 holdings and often that is without the limits set forth in the prospectus. When it gets over 10%, the managers better has a lots of conviction that the stock will go up. Just keep watching to see if the manager will trim the position if Amazon continues to climb. Focus or concentrated funds often have the top 10 holdings that constitute over 50% of the funds.
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