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Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Approved For Use - Valadimir Putin

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Posted under “off topic” - But huge investment implications. In a vote of “confidence” for the Russian mob boss, the Dow reversed earlier gains and plunged into the toilet late in afternoon.


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    Anyone lined up /volunteered getting vaccinated first?...maybe better taking sugar pills to fight c19 instead

    They do make killer Nastoiki though
  • If the vaccine is as good as Russian submarines and nuclear power plants, I will take a pass.
  • Few detail information starting to emerge. Limited testing at Phase I with 38 patients. The result has not be made available to the medical community on the western countries).
    Researchers at the Moscow-based Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, part of the Russian Health Ministry, developed the two-part vaccine. Both parts start with viruses that cause the common cold. Those viruses, adenovirus 5 and adenovirus 26, were each engineered to make the coronavirus’ spike protein. That protein helps the coronavirus latch on to cells and infect them. Since it is on the surface of the virus, it’s also a target for antibodies against the virus.

    This approach is similar to other coronavirus vaccines in the works. The University of Oxford working with AstraZeneca uses a chimpanzee adenovirus. And a vaccine devised by China-based CanSino Biologics Inc. is based on adenovirus 5. Johnson & Johnson uses adenovirus 26 for its vaccine. Those vaccines have gone through initial safety tests where participants made antibodies against the virus and didn’t have any serious side effects (SN: 7/21/20).

    According to the latest trial information on Sputnik-V, available at, a U.S. website that tracks clinical trials, 38 people first got a shot containing the engineered adenovirus 26 component. Three weeks later, they received booster injections of the engineered adenovirus 5 component. Results of the study have not yet been published.
  • Sputnik 5. Got to love it. Quite a jab at US technology. First in space, first to a vaccine.

    Wonder if there is a world organization monitoring test results or do we take them at their word.
  • A shot in the dark if you ask me.

  • I didn't know that 'vaccine' was pronounced 'gulag' in Russian....
  • Dr. Fauci is concerned with the lack of data for its human safety and efficacy. Typical vaccines take 10 years to complete. Phase III testing involves at least 30,000 subject in order to the risk distribution on the population. The Russian tested 36 subject according to the article. It is more than just generating antibodies to this virus but also T cells as part of the immune response.
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    My best guess is that it will prove out to be somewhat effective but that there will be side issues which will quickly render it relatively insignificant.
  • I have friends who live in Moscow, and another who lives in Chelyabinsk. I have been to Russia 5 times- and they dont believe a word Putin says!!!
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    They are running small adds for volunteers for covid-19 vaccine studies in our county. The worst thing could be getting saline injections instead of attenuated virus. I signed up today.

    I am glad I did a will/POAs completion and signed everything to Wifey/brother as secondary recently
  • @johnN: Will you be checked for antibodies before you get your vaccine & then there's always the luck of the draw as I understand the process. I guess if not enough people don't sign up you'll be in the process.
    Thank you for stepping up, Derf

  • edited August 2020
    Hi sir @_Derf. Great question. I did check labs tests back in April, it was negative. The problems are high false negatives-positives with antibodies or pcr-rapid testings (>/= 20-30s%). In other words only God know if you are infected or not. One physician did tell me if you are symptoms, test is positive that means you do have the disease. Antibody may show up 3-16 weeks later but has high negatives or positive titres/results.

    They notified me have too many participants now for vaccine trial now. Probably will wait for real vaccines once available
  • beebee
    edited August 2020
    Interesting vaccine discovery by Russians:
  • You don't like what Putin has been able to accomplish. I am sure it is better than Hydroxychloroquine touted by our Supreme Leader.
  • Yes, Putin has been able to accomplish much, I agree. My report was from the ground, not my own.And if you think Hydroxychoroquinine is useless, you re wrong.
  • "And if you think Hydroxychoroquinine is useless, you re wrong."

    Indeed, quite useful- just not for the present coronavirus. I'll put my money on Dr. Fauci and the doctors and scientists who agree with him on that one.
  • So sad So much riding on studies which take months and years to complete, now all complicated by a jerk who cant tell a randomized controlled trial from a bimbo.

    I spent 40 years running and reviewing randomized controlled trials. they are complicated and need to be done carefully. If the data is not all available it is easy to confound

    I do not think the Russians will publish their data transparently

    Anyone who believes hydroxchloroquine works will probably believe Putin and will not read the studies

    It is not hard to carefully read a scientific analysis and make up your own mind.

    On the other hand, if you were just told you had a chest mass that was probably cancer would you ignore your doctor's advice? Most of the physicians in the US think HCQ is close to useless
  • edited August 2020
    "now all complicated by a jerk who cant tell a randomized controlled trial from a bimbo."

    Q: In the above quote sma3 is referring to:

    a) Putin
    b) Trump
    c) Both A and B are correct
  • BennyB said:

    I have friends who live in Moscow, and another who lives in Chelyabinsk. I have been to Russia 5 times- and they dont believe a word Putin says!!!

    Hasn't that been the way Russians feel about their government since forever?
  • If the Russians vaccine actually works and safe, then they would not be stealing vaccine research from the West.
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