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‘Callous liars’: GOP put Democrats at risk by hiding member’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

The world we live in today. PA GOP politician knew he had coronavirus and tells fellow Republicans to self-quarantine but not Democrats:


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    He is pissed...

  • You think?!!! Pissed doesn't begin to describe it.
  • What a dirt bag...
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    Lewis received his positive test result on May 20, according to the statement. A critic of the shelter-in-place order from Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, he earlier declared it "time to reopen" the economy. In late April, he appealed to the Trump administration for an investigation into Wolf's response to the pandemic, claiming it infringed on constitutional rights.

    A day after receiving his positive test result, Lewis was on Facebook posting a call to "End the Shutdown Now."
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    paywalls..What..thought govt where still shut one showed up..thought Nancy demanded paper ballots and absentee voting few days ago..did I miss something ...everyone including Nancy was wearing maksks and gloves and kept social distancing...everyone congressman women were taking precautions and meds right?? Only pence and trump refuses masks and social distancing

    This should have been front page news but now back burner because of another crisis in Michigan
  • @johnN This is the Pennsylvania state legislature, not Congress.
  • What @Sven said. The sonofabitch oughta be unseated and go straight the fuck to jail.
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  • Howdy folks,

    This isn't about partisanship. This is evil. These scum should be arrested for assault with intent to do great bodily harm,

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