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Netflix's Market Cap Exceeds Disney's

edited April 2020 in Off-Topic
Stock is at an all-time high and market values it at $189 billion with a trailing P/E of 100:
Disney's is $188 billion and has a trailing P/E of 19:

Sign of the times.


  • Interesting. I still pick DIS over NFLX, but it might be a while before I am proven right.
  • edited April 2020
    I don't get it. And one of the reasons I stopped investing in stocks and started investing mutual funds. I thought I was doing analysis when I was investing in stock. Either I was doing ANALysis or I need others smarter than me to do it for me.

    Disney has a more diversified portfolio. Netflix is a one-trick pony. It seems like there are managers out there who are ashamed or feel they might be shamed if they don't own Netflix. I imagine a universe where investors look at a funds portfolio and if the don't see FAANG stocks they don't invest in that fund. So every fund has to have these stocks.

    Makes no sense.
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