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  • Exactly!
  • if you're an idiot... yes
  • edited March 2020
    No. Not unless it's the 1980s and Treasuries are yielding double digits.
  • edited March 2020
    Now ... Lewis, you know those high yielding US Tresuries of the 1980's are no more! But, I get your message.
  • If stable value option is available, no on the bonds.
  • Agree with Gary1952 or if you like and feel very nervous cd's buta bond investment at this time looks very wrong though TIPs and I_bond s ok
  • Gotta keep last week of decline in gsy, mint, agg, vcsh, bond, bnd, tip, etc. in mind when I decide again against some good MMF next time ...
  • "Should I put all my 401k in bonds"

    Yes, by all means. Be sure to let us know how that turns out.
  • davidrmoran You're right. ICSH JPST also lost money. TRBUX was up slightly and BSV was up 1.41% ytd.
  • The originally cited column reads in part:
    If you’re a young investor, and even if you’re anxious about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, most of your 401(k) should be invested in stocks, with a smaller share in bond funds
    But what if you're not a young investor? The Times addresses that in another column.
    I’m in my 60s, behind on saving and worried this market will never bounce back enough for me to retire. Should I move more to bonds?
    The writers equivocate - no (stocks are cheap, bonds expensive), unless you're going to retire soon. Then you might want to safeguard some of your portfolio or even move some assets to cash.
  • carew388 said:

    davidrmoran You're right. ICSH JPST also lost money. TRBUX was up slightly and BSV was up 1.41% ytd.

    Yeah. As of tonight, BSV is up $173 ytd on $10k, AGG $233, BND $217, BOND only $79, with GSY, MINT, TIP all down b/w $10 and $73.

    (Forget PONAX and PDVAX and such, down $500 plus or minus. DODIX and FTBFX down ytd $55 and $64.)

    Meanwhile, SPAXX and FDRXX up $24 and $25, with FDMMX up $14.
  • edited March 2020
    Note, though, that in this crisis, fwiw, since say 11 days ago, all are down, nontrivially, BSV least of all.

    FDRXX / SPRXX up a hair.

    So you pays your moneys etc.
  • edited March 2020
    Bernard Baruch supposedly said that he made his money selling too early.

    It's too late now to seek to preserve principle, or make gains, unless you have cash you think you can deploy wisely to some positive end.

    You have to hope that your over-all economic plan is sufficient to get you through the shocks that do come.

    If you have to sell in this environment you need to reevaluate your plan. And I hope you have time to right the ship.

    If you have some cash to play with, you have it regardless of most of the advice that typically out there during good times. Congratulations.

    I like to hold cash because I believe the central banks of the world have been fighting deflation since the dot com bust.
  • Howdy,

    No, so long as you can sleep at night. If you can't sleep, keep moving to cash until you can. Nothing else really matters.

    There are a few around here that can remember 1987. I was a relatively new investor with deferred comp and back then you had so many restrictions on trading it, you were locked in. Whelp, in a year or so I was back to even. feh.

    Geez, my wife was with Ma Bell, when the Iraq war broke out and the market puked. For her 401K at that time, they had a choice of 5 'in house' funds that you could only trade once a month effective the last day. feh, I used all her cash and bonds to buy all large cap market and sat it out.

    It will come back. The only time you really need to be careful is when you're taking distributions from a fund and the principal takes a hit. This is where you have to be most careful. Otherwise, sit it out.

    and so it goes,

    peace, and Flatten the Curve,


  • NEAR was down as well. I'm just happy that my recent purchase of CFBNX is up ytd.
  • @rono- I'm just hoping that the curve doesn't flatten me!
  • wrong curve, methinks
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