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Which GP fund to consolidate?

edited March 2020 in Fund Discussions

A few months back, i sold GGSOX and moved back to GPGOX and GPROX in my Roth (once these funds reopened).
I am now thinking of consolidating this to one GP fund. Let me know which GP fund you own and why? And ur feedback on my question.

FWIW, i hold GPMCX in taxable account as i did not want to open another Roth IRA account. Thinking of adding to it if it goes below my initial purchase price.

PS: Still waiting for ARTNX to be available in my brokerage account.


  • rmt
    edited March 2020
    @david snowball: Any reason on why you prefer GPROX among all other GP funds?
  • Reach is the flagship.
  • Hi, rmt.

    GP has two product lines, so to speak: their core funds and their Stalwart funds. Their core competency is global micro cap to global very-small cap. That's the focus on the capacity-constrained core funds. The Stalwart funds were later additions, meant to offer funds with relatively unconstrained capacity, largely populated with stocks that grew too big to remain in the core funds.

    GP defined Global Reach as their core fund, representative of their best ideas regardless of constraints such as size or style. In theory, all of the other funds are sub-sets of the Global Reach universe.

    (oops. forget to press "post comment" yesterday. sorry!)
  • Thanks a lot David. This is v helpful.
  • @David_Snowball- Nice to know that sometimes other folks do that too... :)
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