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Successfully Invest in Oil With These Two Strategies

Successfully Invest in Oil With These Two Strategies
Chris MacDonald | March 7, 2020 | More on: CVE

Oil pumps against sunsetImage source: Getty Images
Investing in any Canadian oil company right now might feel like a long shot for most investors given the way this bear market in commodities has hurt valuations in this sector.

For those seeking long-term value opportunities and are seeking the methodologies to pick oil companies right now, I’ve got two key strategies that can help weed out a majority of companies, leaving only the best


  • I'm rewording this old saying about airline stocks to express my feelings about investing in oil companies today. The best way to make a million$$ in oil is to start with a billion$$.
  • Successful way to invest in oil: Don't invest in oil.
  • The Fool Canada, eh?
    Well, dear Chris must have written this prior to the announcement from Saudi's, too.
    John, I'm curious as to this post in light of the current circumstance.
    I'll presume this is to help or guide energy investors at some point in time into the future.
    No money from this house in this area at this time, so I shan't be being more than an observer.
  • In John's defense there are a number of advisors and pundits still talking the sector up always figuring that it can't get any worse or go any lower. Someday they might be right.
  • edited March 2020
    No particular investment advice for this particular moment. But I am still driving a gasoline fueled car, heating a house with natural gas, riding on airplanes for longer trips, and buying numerous items made with petroleum products. It seems like many other people are still behaving in the same way. Just saying....
  • edited March 2020
    Crashing overnight...they may have close market tomorrow!!??...oil 35 per fall..
    Dows -4% 1095 down now

    Wonder if Buffett plans to add XOM soon
  • I would say - this is exactly the kind of market Bufffett is looking for.
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