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How long it takes for savings Bond to Reach Its Face Value?


  • Read on the bond.
  • Just like Social Security retirement age, the government has defined two different end points for savings bonds:

    SS: full retirement age (65-67 depending on date of birth)
    Savings Bonds: original maturity (20 years)

    SS: Maximum delayed retirement age, or something like that (70)
    Savings Bonds: final maturity (20 year original maturity plus 10 year extended maturity)

    For most purposes, it's these latter dates that matter. They determine when credits end:
    SS: Delayed retirement credits
    Savings Bonds: interest credits

    Note: you are required to declare interest income from savings bonds when they reach final maturity, regardless of whether or not you redeem them. You can't shift income into the next year by, say, redeeming a savings bond in January 2021 that reaches final maturity in December 2020.

    So there's no advantage, or at least none I can think of, in holding a savings bond past its final maturity date.

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