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What funds or ETFs have held up best for you in the past 2 days?

edited February 2020 in Fund Discussions
Curious what is holding up best through the 1st couple days of this pullback. I had 2 funds that were positive both days. Both high yield muni funds. My gold ETF after an initial big jump at the start of Monday's trading is now slightly negative. What has been in positive territory for you in this very short view?

My 2 only positive funds so far over the past 2 days:
NHMAX +.6%
NVHAX +.3%


  • AKREX still up 3.87% for the year and NVHAX, SEMMX, have held up.
  • IOFIX & ICLN on their own. USMV & DGRO when compared to other market indices. It wasn't pretty but they lost less percentage wise and they still pay their dividends.
  • On the stock side by far its AKREX... Pretty impressive how its held up... FDLO also
  • What other equity funds are resilient in this down market
  • VMVFX fared pretty well
  • I haven't tracked the last three days specifically.

    Year to date, aside from bonds and REITS, utilities and infrastructure still have their heads above water.
  • Two popular funds with supposed muted volatility, YAFFX and FAMEX, have been relatively disappointing, dropping 5.47% and 6.53% respectively. (The S&P500 has fallen 6.63% in 3 days by comparison.) Both charge exorbitant fees and YAFFX holds 25% cash which you think would have provided a more secure buffer. Not surprisingly, allocation funds have performed relatively well, the superb VWINX falling only 2.03%.
  • Money market fund! One of those times when "cash is king."
  • YAFFX has/has 13% in Samsung bonds. That is probably the reason for big drop.
  • FPA Crescent is down 4.5% for year vs 7.5% for spy , but it is allocation fund with 30% cash.
  • Madison Dividend Income Y
    BHBFX is a bust at -9% ytd
  • Bruce
    BRUFX has done ok at -3% ytd.

    I getting these funds from

    20 Equity funds with the best capture ratios over the entire market cycle from Feb 2020 issue here.
  • Provident Trust Strategy
    PROVX is down 5% ytd but beats spy for 3 and 5 year.

    Akrex is scary good.
  • Thought I'd check recognizing that one weeks performance is meaningless but shows the results of a downturn. So from 2/20/20 - 2/27/20 via M*

    AKREX (8.81%)
    BIAWX (10.90)
    DSEEX (12.01)
    MGGPX (10.17)
    VFINX (11.66)

    The cash has certainly seemed to help AKREX, but I am quite OK with MGGPX & BIAWX.
    Not happy at all with DSEEX but like I said it's only one week in time.

    IOFIX on the other hand +0.30%.

    VLAAX (6.40%) will now get a strong examination.
  • These are the funds which generated the highest returns for me during this volatile week.

    Bond Funds 1 WK YTD
    Dodge & Cox Income (DODIX) 0.35% 2.49%
    Vanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond (VUSFX) 0.25% 0.65%

    Equity Funds 1 WK YTD
    Vanguard Intl Growth (VWILX) -8.27% -5.21%
    MFS Instl Intl Equity (MIEIX) -8.44% -8.44%
  • edited February 2020
    Worst: Two weeks ago, HACAX was up 13% YTD. Now it's down 2% YTD. So it's still beating S&P 500 YTD. I've held it around 20 years. The shares come with a seatbelt and owner's manual.
    Best: DODIX.
  • edited March 2020
    Of course, high rated bonds were up and why EDV+TLT are up so much YTD, last month and last week.
    As expected VWINX did fine because it has about 60% in high rated bonds and why VASIX with about 80% did better than VWINX.

    The question is what funds have great LT risk/reward but also did well in a meltdown?
    See a 3 year (chart) of IOFIX vs PRWCX,VLAAX,VWINX,VASIX. Then look at YTD (chart). This is what I call a great fund but not fair when stocks lost so much :-)
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