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10 buy-and-Hold Stocks to Own Forever

10 buy-and-Hold Stocks to Own Forever
These 10 picks will provide income, safety for would-be and current retirees


  • Forever is such a long time. I'm not as prescient as the author.

    johnN , check the choices into the future and keep us posted, eh?
  • edited February 2020
    Interesting, just for fun I checked M* rating of these stocks and:
    5 are 1* - LW, RSG, ALL, NEE, & MKC
    2 are 2* - IFF & DEO
    3 are 3* - BAC, MDT, & FBHS

    No 4 or 5*s in the bunch.

    But then again what those M* know - I own NEE (rated 1*) which has done well for me so far, so I continue to hold. Seriously, however, I do generally like M* valuation and rating system as a good starting point on stock investment research.
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