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Warren jumps on etf train

edited February 2020 in Fund Discussions

Warren recently bought Voo and spy

Wonder if he is late to the party..shoulda jump in 2009


  • Warren has made some bad stock purchases over the recent years (think IBM, WFC & TEVA). He should concentrate on lending his huge cash pile to leveraged companies at high interest rates. He’s been very successful at doing that!
  • I don't get why people are so high on him. Quite frankly, not that great.
  • edited February 2020
    IKR! Since May 31, 1990 BRK.A is up only 4,711.19% while SPY is up 670.05%. Dumb as a rock that Warren. Terrible money manager.

    p.s. those dates merely reflect the charting dates provided by the Max button on a M* chart. I'm well aware that it is silly to extoll his management capabilities based on one random chart but you can find all the performance data you want with a simple search.

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