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PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities' - A Compelling Go-Anywhere Approach to Growth

"Seasoned leadership, a strong analyst bench, and a well-executed process earn PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities' cheapest share classes a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Silver. Ratings on pricier share classes range from Bronze to Neutral. Veteran comanagers Mark Baribeau and Tom Davis have a long shared history. They joined subadvisor Jennison Associates in 2011 to lead and advance the firm's research of foreign stocks, which had not been a focus of the traditionally U.S.-oriented shop. Previously, both had established themselves as money managers at Loomis Sayles, where their contributions were often central to the success of several domestic and global portfolios."

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  • PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities-Available to Existing Shareholders
  • ron said:

    PGIM Jennison Global Opportunities-Available to Existing Shareholders

    Its open to new investors at Fidelity...

  • Not too surprised by the performance on this one if you look at its collective PE and the top holdings. One heck of a run for growth stocks these past 10 years.
  • edited December 2019
    As far as I can tell the only share classes still open to new retail incur either a front or back-end load (which may be waived at certain brokerages) and well above average expenses. It's a good fund, make no mistake. But for those at T Rowe Price their own PRGSX is an excellent alternative and performance has been practically identical to PRJZX over the last 7 years with slightly better risk management.
  • Class Z is available at Fidelity which is no load (front or back) and the lowest ERs for retail customers. Its a TF fund at Fidelity though but you are saving on the lower ER class of the fund.

  • edited December 2019
    PRJZX is also open at Schwab no-load.
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