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Is It Time For Ken Fisher To Step Down?

FYI: (This Is A Follow-Up Article.)

The latest tally shows more than $3 billion in client assets pulled from Fisher Investments since the Oct. 8 comments were initially criticized in a video posted on Twitter.

Most of those departing assets are represented by public pension plans and high-profile companies like Goldman Sachs that are showing their own PR prudence by distancing themselves from Fisher.

But Fisher Investments, as the nation's second-largest RIA behind Financial Engines Advisors, has over the past few years undertaken an aggressive retail branding campaign and could also be vulnerable on the consumer side.


  • Who cares? He owns ¾ of the company, so it's his toy to do with as he pleases (within the bounds of the law).

    One can ask whether investors should continue to enrich him, but that's a different question, and one that will persist whether he manages the company or not.
  • I agree with msf. Who cares. Besides his ego and greed will never allow for that.
  • While I agree he would still get rich off the firm if he stepped down, it could mean something to his employees, many of whom he’s treated poorly according to the Bloomberg article I linked in a post below. It could also mean something to clients if the culture of the company changes as a result and becomes less marketing and fee oriented. Since he drove the hard-driving sales culture of the firm, his absence might mean something, but only if he eases up on the reins and lets someone more enlightened be in charge. That would be wise from a business perspective, but seems doubtful given the size of the ego and level of arrogance involved.
  • All this is cheap advertising for him and his company. I know more about him than I did - dont like don't care - but it's a big sea for him to fish in.
  • LewisBraham:

    You refer to a link to a Bloomberg article, but I don't see it. Could you add it to your post? Thanks.
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