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Google has given us the first experimental evidence that quantum speed-up is achievable, real world

Well, this article knowledge is way past my knowledge base; but tech./science remains a valid investment area, in spite of irregular profit patterns over the years.
Yuh think those NFL replays are pulled up fast now; the processing speed indicated in the link article will eliminate referees.

Personal note: Nature Magazine remains an excellent source for scientific/technology studies. Published articles have passed through a peer review process.
Wish the same peer review could apply to published articles regarding investments; in particular those market crash stories that remain in circulation !!!

Okay, 'outta here. Enjoy.

From Nature Magazine:

--- Verifying the solution was a further challenge. To do that, the team compared the results with those from simulations of smaller and simpler versions of the circuits, which were done by classical computers — including the Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Extrapolating from these examples, the Google team estimates that simulating the full circuit would take 10,000 years even on a computer with one million processing units (equivalent to around 100,000 desktop computers). Sycamore took just 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


  • @MFO Members How insightful ! !
  • Ted’s hurt he didn’t post something:(
  • My impression with quantum computing is it is not a speed benefit they're really seeking but a complexity problem-solving one. A quantum computer could solve problems current computers with their binary yes/no 0/1 systems can't because life isn't lived or experienced in a binary way.
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    Einstein called quantum theory “spooky science.” He never fully accepted it, even when some of his own calculations seemed to support it. Among other things, quantum physics suggests ...

    - The same object can exist in two different places at the same time.

    - By affecting one nearby object, you can simultaneously have the same effect / impact on another object hundreds of miles (or millions of light years) away.

    - Quantum takes encryption to a new level. Theoretically, it would be impossible to intercept, interfere with or break the codes of quantum communications..

    Biggest fear is that China is believed to be far ahead in military / space applications - rumored to have run tests communicating with satellites using quantum.

    @gmarceau is correct. Ted’s ever-ready to pour kerosene on a thread he didn’t initiate. :(
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    Ol' Ted

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    With respect to Quantum Theory, those of you who may be Amazon Prime members have available, as a benefit, access to Amazon's streaming video service.

    There are many fine programs available there, including a good many free offerings. Among those, there are quite a few excellent science programs, from Nova and other sources, which explore many aspects of Quantum Theory and Mechanics, Einstein's life work, and other related material.

    Also available at no charge are many of the various Ken Burns TV series. It's well worth checking out this resource.
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