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Wall Street Is Wrong: You CAN Retire On $405K. Here's How

Wall Street Is Wrong: You CAN Retire On $405K. Here's How

Today I want to show you how you can retire on $405,000—and with just five buys, too! Put together, these five stocks and funds hand you a 7.4%-yielding portfolio that will pay you reliably for decades.

405k maybe too little though... Probably need 1mill to live comfortably... But if you live in other majorities like NY prob need much more than 1mill in portfolio


  • Who is this clown? Let me buy a bunch of closed end funds that sell at a premium, and pay out the a$$ in fees...
  • edited September 2019
    From the article:

    "To be smack in the middle of income in America, you need to bring in about $30,000 per year."
    Mind you, that's 30k gross, not net after taxes.

    30k per year in California will get you a really nice tent under one of the better freeways.

    Just more worthless crap, posted just for the sake of posting.
  • Consider retiring overseas. I spent much of my youth in Thailand and hope to retire there someday. $US 405k will allow someone to live a very good retirement in a lower cost country like Thailand.
  • edited September 2019
    Just buy bunch income index etf or CEF not much fees but reasonable returns cut out middleman

    @_OLDJOE or move to central Cali houses much cheaper 1/4 price (like palmspring) .. Weather maybe questionable though

    @_Poptart Or retire in Central America coastal beaches.. Paradise pay very little toward standards living... Need good access to Healthcare just in case you get a hear attack
  • Forbes = sensational clickbait. It's the Buzzfeed for finance pr0n junkies.

    Forbes Magazine = Never-ending lists of rich people, but little real investing or market content.
  • @johnN - Thailand is blessed with many world -class hospitals staffed by surgeons who studied in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany and Singapore. The medical costs are a fraction of the costs in western countries which has made Thailand a top destination for medical tourists.

    However I certainly wouldn’t want to suffer a heart attack and have to fight the Bangkok traffic to reach an emergency room in one of these state of the art hospitals. Living in a provincial city like Chiang Mai or Phuket would solve the traffic issue in a medical emergency while still receiving a high level of medical care.
  • @PopTart how would you compare Thailand with Costa Rica or Uruguay? It also looks like Bumrungrad International Hospital would be a top destination for medical tourists.
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